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"I started seeing Allison over a year ago for one issue that had been chronic, my sinuses. Prone to sinus infections and severe allergies I was desperate for a fix that doctors could not seem to provide. Not only has Allison helped with my allergies through acupuncture, she has helped with my TMJ, menstruation cycle, and my nutrition. Allison is who I go to for advice when a health concern arises because I want an answer that is sincere and health conscious. When I go in for treatment I always leave feeling healthier, calmer, and like I learned something new about my health. I am always recommending her to friends and family, and they keep going back! -Kimberly R

I first came to Allison a a couple of years ago during a divorce process for wellness and stress reduction. Since then she has also treated my young daughters. Allison has gone above and beyond to support our family through answering emails with medical advice, and treatment recommendations that have worked so well! Her treatments are so nurturing to the body and spirit. My children are never scared "to go to the doctors," with Allison. She is a skilled  practitioner and we have received such individualized care. When I think about Allison I think about intelligence and comfort.  -Sara J

Allison is a HUGE support for me, especially in my dire times of need. In the midst of a severe allergic reaction, covered in hives, and suffering immensely from a negative drug reaction.  Allison confidently supported me and addressed my acute issue with herbs, acupuncture, and diet. The herbs helped immensely and eventually my hives were healed up and also treatment dissipated the intense anxiety I was experiencing. I was SO delighted to be heading back to the land of health holistically. Know that if you invest in yourself and get a treatment at least weekly, and take your herbs consistently - BE PATIENT, you will heal. I've continued treatment with Allison and it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Allison has a wonderful grounded healing demeanor, she has a wealth and mastery of knowledge, and I HIGHLY recommend her as an excellent practitioner.    -Summer C

"Last winter I was on my third cold/flu episode and had just gotten diagnosed with bronchitis. (I was an aide in my daughter's fifth grade classroom which I think contributed to my exposure to lots of stuff!) I booked three sessions with Allison Conachen LAc for treatment. She did treatments to strengthen my immune system and recommended some herbs and teas which I took as well. I also had a couple of massages with her just for general "feeling better".    Not only did I recover quite quickly, but my overall strength, energy, and disposition greatly improved. (I am prone to periodic depression--possibly SAD.) It's been at least six months since my first treatments. My energy and health have stayed strong. I recently went back for a "tune up" and will go a couple more times.  I had tried acupuncture a few times before but found it either too strong or felt no reaction, so I'm very pleased with Allison's treatments and have been telling all of my friends how her work has "saved me!" Thank you Allison!!  -Jan L

Allison is a great person to go to for any needs you may have. I've been seeing Allison for almost a year and the results I have had are amazing. I came to her with back problems and neck problems. She suggested cupping to help circulation in my muscles. Cupping has been amazing! I can go in with back and neck pain and have it be gone within one to two days after. If you have never tried it, I suggest that you do! Currently, we are working on my cravings for sugar with the help of acupuncture. So far, my cravings have improved significantly. I highly recommend Allison to help improve your health.  -Caitlin W

Allison is one of the most intuitive acupuncture practitioners I have met. My entire family has benefited greatly from her treatments, herbal formulas, and dietary protocols for our health both in acute illness and for long standing health support.      -Andrea R

I have been fortunate enough to be receiving Allison's Health consultations and herbal medicine formulas since February. Not only has my health improved, my mental outlook and eating habits have come leaps and bounds from where I started. Her approach and counseling are simple and easy to understand. I have been struggling with CFS and weight problems for many years and I finally feel empowered to take control of my health due to the positive results I have seen through Allison's individualized protocol. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve or repair their health!"      -Katrina K

I see Allison for the symptoms associated with cervical dystonia and she has helped me so much! I was having neck tremors and headaches, and even with medication, physical therapy and regular botox injections I was still having difficulty functioning. After receiving treatments from Allison my condition began to improve right away, my neurologist was even surprised with my results! I will continue to see her for treatments in the future and recommend her to anyone struggling with health issues. She is magical!  -Kira T

I have been seeing Allison for the past 3 years, receiving acupuncture, cupping, and bodywork to manage troublesome areas and sometimes just to relax. Whether I have a painful or problematic area needing treatment or am just looking to recharge and reduce stress, she always hits the mark. Allison is professional and knowledgeable. I plan to see a lot more of her this year!    -Abbey S

Allison is a thoughtful and knowledgeable care provider. Her gentle and kind demeanor sets me at ease during my visits and allows me to relax and receive the most out of my treatment. She's provided bodywork to help relieve the body aches associated with the physical changes during pregnancy, as well as acupuncture and cupping to alleviate the muscle and deep tissue strain caused by a shoulder injury. Because of the extra care and level of attention she provides, I feel as though she truly cares about me and my well-being.  -Julia C

"I have been seeing Allison for years for neuropathy, usually I go to Mayo Clinic for health appointments but with all of Allisons experience and knowledge she comes highly recommended. She is very professional and well educated and her treatments provide great relief."    -Dave B

"I have been consistently seeing Allison Conachen for acupuncture treatments for four months. My autoimmune disease was active at the beginning of our treatment sessions and my labs showed my White Blood Count Cell was low. After three months of treatments my disease was no longer actively affecting my daily life and when I got retested my White Blood Cell Count was within normal limits. I appreciate Allison's vast knowledge as some days I mention I have a cold or a sore shoulder or tight hamstrings and acupuncture always gives me some type of relief while also working on strengthening my immune system. She lets me know when I can stretch out my time between appointments as well, depending on my body and how it is healing. I appreciate the honesty and the cost consideration. I will continue to see her for acupuncture, and herbal knowledge. She is very caring, and professional."    -Alexis G

"As I aged, I wanted an alternative approach to healing,  I found Allison and began acupuncture. Her gentle way made it so enjoyable with amazing results. After one treatment the numbness and tingling I had been experiencing in my fingers was relieved. Also, with Allison’s knowledge of herbal medicine along with her guidance, she helped me with my symptoms while I had Covid.  My healing was positive and a low stress experience. She truly cares for her clients".    -Jan K

Allison is a gifted healer and I strongly recommend her for acupuncture and herbal remedies. She has helped my frozen shoulder tremendously in a short period of time. She also integrates healing, self-made organic herbal products that smell wonderful and soothe my body and soul. I have been a user of massage and acupuncture services for years and I think Allison is awesome!    -Margaret M

I've been working with Allison for about 6 months and have been really enjoying our sessions together. I was seeing her for acupuncture through the duration of my pregnancy and I'll continue to see her again once I'm ready postpartum. She helped me with regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, swelling and overall hormonal balance and physical comfort during pregnancy.    -Kimberly S

The attention to detail in the cupping treatment that I received was undeniably the best that I have had to date. The level of care that Allison put into such a short treatment truly amazed me and left my back feeling the best it has ever felt post-cupping. She was kind, attentive, and really focused on the areas that I explained to her as being the most problematic. In 24 hrs alone I have felt an immense amount of change in my back and feel the dull, aching pains slowly subsiding.    -Alena P

Ive been seeing Allison Conachen over past several months to help my frequent headaches. I highly recommend her for headache and stress relief, the treatments are working!  -Katie R





Testimonials - in Sisters, OR

Testimonials - in Sisters, OR

Allison Conachen offers Acupuncture in Sisters, OR